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St. Francis Prep Today
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St. Francis Prep Today

Time marches on and many things have changed since the move to Queens in 1974.  The local demographics has shifted and so too has the profile of the Prep’s student population.  Today, the Prep’s student body is tremendously diverse and truly reflects New York City—and especially the borough of Queens.  The “education marketplace” has changed as well.  Not only have we witnessed the emergence of the NYC charter schools, but we have also witnessed neighboring all-boys Catholic high schools make the decision to become co-educational institutions. Today’s prospective freshman parents are now presented with more good quality, private educational alternatives from which to chose than ever before.  Yet, the Prep remains a “high school of choice” for top students for many reasons. 

A Rich Curriculum
The breadth and depth of our curriculum offerings are truly unique.  Unlike many other schools, Prep offers a wide range of electives in the sciences, music and the arts.  Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which are rigorous, college-level classes,  give students an opportunity to gain the skills and experience colleges recognize.

An Excellent Faculty & Staff
Highly motivated and experienced teachers, (the vast majority of whom possess advanced degrees), are dedicated to the growth of each student.  Our guidance counselors and college admissions counselors help Prepsters in the process of setting and attaining academic and personal goals.  Peer/Experience Groups, are facilitated by student leaders and adult professionals, to help navigate the challenges of  young adulthood.

A Vibrant Faith Community
Our Campus Ministry  Department’s devoted leadership and the many “adjuncts” from the ranks of the faculty and staff provide many opportunities for Catholics, and students of other faiths, to further their spiritual development.   A few of these activities include Retreats, Liturgical Celebrations, Prayer Services, Donation Drives, Volunteer and Service Learning Programs.

A Wide Range of Clubs, Causes, Teams and Activities
Prep is about more than building a winning resume for college admissions.  The dozens of  clubs, causes and activity groups are designed to help a student discover their skills, define their values and help build community spirit and character.  SFP Terrier Athletics also has a storied history of championship teams at the freshman, JV, and Varsity levels in a variety of sports.

 While the Prep’s enrollment and the quality of incoming freshman classes remain strong, complacency has never been part of the Franciscan way of life.  Anticipating change and making prudent decisions is what helped attract wonderful students and earn St. Francis Prep the outstanding reputation it enjoys today.

We can only assume that when he heard the Lord’s command to “Rebuild My Church” little could Francis of Assisi have known that some 800 years later a group of his followers would still be “rebuilding” for the benefit of thousands of deserving young students.  What we know for sure is that in order to sustain St. Francis Prep’s high level of competitiveness, we must continue to improve the learning environment.

Naturally, the “master plan” for improving and modernizing the school comes with a price tag. The cost involved will be well worth it however, as this effort will propel the Prep into the future and solidify its place as a premier college preparatory school.

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