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Alumni Testimonial

Thursday, September 19, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Michael Graziano
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We've always known that St. Francis Prep's faculty and staff do an amazing job but it's always nice to get such positive feedback from our alumni, especially recent grads who've experienced the Prep of 'today.' Here's a letter to our Principal, Pat McLaughlin '73, from a member of the Class of 2019


Dear Mr. McLaughlin,

My name is Ashley Caturano, I’m not sure if you quite know who I am, but I was a part of the Class of 2019. I like to think I was very involved at SFP. I was a part of chamber choir and prep chorus, retreat leaders and of course, the Alvernians . I am now a freshman at Marist and I am a double math/secondary education major with a minor in theatre. This semester I’m taking an education class where most of what we’ve been doing so far is talking about why we want to be teachers.
As I engage in conversation, I keep realizing all of the teachers and experiences I’ve been referring to are from my time at SFP. My memories of Prep have been extremely vivid and I could probably tell you detailed stories about each of my teachers over the four years. I just had the most amazing high school experience and would come back to Prep in a heartbeat to do it all over again. My mom (Class of 1985) feels the same way and since she is also a teacher, hopes to be a part of the English department’s staff someday soon. My brother, Anthony, is currently a sophomore at Prep – so I guess you could say we’re at Prep family! There is just something so special about St. Francis Prep and its faculty and staff that draws people to the school. Teachers like Mrs. Arena, Mr. Groner, Mrs. Istrico, Mr. Kobayashi, and Ms. Mejia and faculty like Mr. Bosco and Ms. Fagan (there are so many more but I won’t give you my extremely long list), motivate me to be the best teacher and person I can be. Not only did they care about students academically, but you felt their compassion radiate outside the classroom too. Their influence on me was so strong that the idea of working with students like myself and my friends and leaving such a fond, lasting impression on them pushes me even more into the field of teaching.
I just cannot express how much SFP meant and still means to me. Thank you for running such an amazing school and just know, I have so much admiration for everyone who works in the building. I still am subscribed to the announcements on snapchat and every morning, on my way to class (of course while still wearing some of my SFP attire) I check to see all of the events I would be attending with my best friends. I hope one day you have a spot for me in the math and theatre department, it would just be a dream come true! In short, St. Francis Prep was the best experience of my life and as much as we say it, high school is four years, but Prep truly is forever!


Ashley Caturano