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A Successful 2016 SFP Commencement Challenge

Monday, July 11, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Michael Graziano
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We are very grateful to the following alumni, parents and friends whose generosity resulted in more than $30,000 ($30,265 to be exact) in response to the 2016 SFP Commencement Challenge.

The outpouring of support for this special effort, plus the hundreds upon hundreds of generous donations received throughout the year, keeps the Prep at the forefront of Catholic secondary education as we continue to modernize our facilities and become the pre-eminent school in Science, Music, Art, Technology and Physical Education. And we work very hard at this every day FOR OUR STUDENTS (from all walks of life)--608 of whom just graduated with an incredible record of achievement to show for their efforts. 


The 2016 Commencement Challenge Honor Roll of Donors:

Gerald J. Abruscato '63
Robert Adamo '72
Elizabeth '80 and Robert Adams '80
William S. Agostini '83
Michael Agresto '67
Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Aguirre 
Jeffrey D. Alter '80
Diane Amato '79
Robert T. Angeletti H'11
Monique C. Atherley '04
Jo-Jo M. Barnes-Conlan '88
George C. Bergleitner, Jr. '53
Walter A. Bishop '80
Richard Bramwell '93
Patti Ann Browne-Ronan '83
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bruckman 
Peggy Buckley 
Lawrence P. Byrne '77
Peter Callahan '59
James F. Caravella '46
Janet M. Carroll-Blagg '85
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Chirafisi 
Barbara Ciaravino '98
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clifford 
George J. Clough '50
John J. Coleman '57
Erika G. Comrie-Krupa '85
Edward E. Connaghan '57
David P. Corbino '03
Arthur A. Crowe '57
Anna M. D'Elia-Delaney '87
Mark E. Dalton '73
Richard G. Danderline '72
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Del Giudice
Maria DellaRatta-Correa '83
M. Anthony DeSantis '60
Gregory C. Dietrich '92
Maureen Dillon-Brennan '82
Robert K. Doherty '57
Leila R. Dominguez '08
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dominguez 
Ms. Patricia C. Donnelly 
Jessica A. Dowd-Wilde '96
Richard J. Duckett '51
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Ecker
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Eng 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Episcopio
Mr. and Mrs. Ignacio Failla 
Mrs. Peter F. Ferrara 
William R. Ficke '60
Denise E. McBride-Fischetti '84 and Sal A. Fischetti '83
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fryer
Karen Ferrer-Gilroy '78 and Jim Gilroy '78
Jennifer A. Goldstein '94
Claudia P. Botero-Gotz '83 and Ronald Gotz '84
Howard T. Gould '54
John F. Goydas '52
Mr. and Mrs. George Hasbun 
James M. Healy '53
Karen and John Hessel
Mr. and Mrs. Ashmeed Hossain
Albert T. Hutwagner '64
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Irigoyen 
Claudia Jaramillo-Lee '88
Anthony J. Keck '54 
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kelly 
Mrs. Elsie Kenny 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kersch
Sally Khan 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kilduff 
George C. Klein '60
Jennifer H. Knoesel '07
Mr. Peter Koines 
Ms. Elizabeth Kettlewell and Mr. Piotr Kumelowski
Mr. and Mrs. John LaRocca 
Marlena Laszkowska '04
Steven P. Leon '85
Kristine Loonam-Joannon '99
Diana M. Lupoli '79
Michael F. Lynch '16
Andrew D. MacEwen '89
James J. Maloney '59
Stephen E. Mandia '76
Ms. Patula Mandrozos-Mamos and Mr. Philip Mamos
John T. Martin '75
Kathleen Martin-Johannsen '76
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Mastronardi 
Benedict Mastrototaro 
Kevin E. Matthews '71
Edward C. McGarrity '74
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGowan 
Kimberly T. McKenna '87
Myles P. McKenna '70
Kathy and Patrick McLaughlin '73
Lucy McNamara '86
Michael J. McPartland '54
Brother James McVeigh, O.S.F. H'15
Elizabeth A. Meittinis '14
Edward F. Melanson '62
Denise M. Messemer '85
Claudia Milne '87
Ms. Blanca Mora and Mr. Luis Asitimbay
John S. Morana '07
Rosemarie Murphy
Michael P. Murray '57
Edward R. Murray '64
Kathleen Nealon '04
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Nealon 
Patricia A. Nealon '09
Ronald S. Niles '83
William J. O'Brien '16
Rev. Robert J. O'Donnell, C.S.P. '65
Debra M. O'Hehir '84
Christina A. Olson-Miller '86
Robert F. O'Rourke '60
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Palmeri
Loretta F. Palyo-Rueth '80
Mr. and Mrs. Christos Panopoulos
Camille G. Paredes-Glotzbecker '03
Nick D. Passalacqua '46
Peter A. Patrissi '88
Mr. Arthur Peterson
James C. Petrillo '71
Mr. and Mrs. James Petro 
Mrs. Mary A. Phelan 
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Philip 
Mr. Paul Portoghese 
Edward J. Powers '60
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Praszkowicz
John M. Prenderville '51
Michael J. Prior '65
Barbara J. Prisco-Younger '80
Mr. and Mrs. Luciano Radoslovich 
Alicia N. Ramotar-Golan '93
Harold E. Reynolds '61
Nicholas C. Rocco, Jr. '76
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Rojas
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ross
Lawrence L. Santangelo '71
Marivic Santos-Vasquez '99
John R. Scanlon '48
Danielle M. Schaefer-Klyap '85
John E. Schatz '83
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schubert, Sr.
Mr. Jack Scott 
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Skoros
Marie E. Skummy-Heppner '89
Mr. and Mrs. Lenny Soohoo
Ms. Yu Y. Su 
Rev. William F. Sweeney H'03
John P. Tagliaferro '03
Mr. and Mrs. Lido W. Tenaglia
Ingrid Thelian-Croak '84
Joyce A. Thomas-Moran '93
Claire P. Thornton '90
Brother Christopher D. Thurneau, O.S.F. '79
Marc E. Toulon '85
Michael A. Vetere '77
Lisa M. Walke '88
Thomas J. Welling, Sr. '61
Jonathan R. Wilson '88
Anthony Winiski '74
Theresa A. Zabransky '84
Rebecca Zhang '16
William J. Zuk '60

The SFP Alumni and Development Team